Technical Notes

Property tax data was extracted from Financial Information Returns submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing between 2001 and 2017. Data is self-reported and has not been independently verified by AMO.

Residential property taxes were pulled from line 9110 of Schedule 26. Non-residential property taxes include those paid by commercial (line 9120), industrial (line 9130), landfill (line 705) and pipeline (line 710) properties.

The share of property taxes paid by residential properties was calculated for each municipality in each year. Property taxes were summed across all 444 municipalities in Ontario to describe the broader change occurring across the province.

Share of the Property Tax


All municipalities
in the residential share (2001-2017)

Who's paying the bills in your community?

Households pay the bulk of the property tax in municipalities across Ontario - and pick up a larger share of the tab with each passing year.

In 2001, 59% of all property taxes – lower-tier, upper-tier, and education – were collected from residential properties. By 2017, that figure had increased to 68%. That's an increase of nearly $2.5 billion.

What does this mean for ratepayers in your municipality?

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