AMO represents most of Ontario’s 444 municipal governments. Our membership includes northern, central, southwestern, eastern, and GTHA region municipalities representing nearly 80% of the population of Ontario. AMO advocates on issues on behalf of Ontario’s municipal governments that affect all of our members.

AMO seeks relationships with partners whose mission and values are compatible with AMO’s work and its core values. AMO maintains successful partnerships with organizations that offer products, services, and resources to municipal governments. Together, we promote innovative and proven solutions to strengthen local governments and their communities in Ontario.

As an AMO partner, you can expect:
  • A customized relationship tailored to corporate needs
  • Preferred partner status of your service to Ontario’s municipal governments
  • Access and profile to AMO membership
  • A commitment to identify and demonstrate measures of success that are unique to each partnership.
  • Stronger understanding of broad range of municipal challenges in Ontario
  • Opportunity to interact with a solution-driven municipal sector
Who are AMO’s partners?
  • Responsible corporate citizens that support AMO’s values and work
  • Leaders in innovation for services that help the sector
  • Active supporters of the role of municipal government in Ontario
Municipal sector Quick Facts:
  • 2,864 municipal elected positions and 157,000 municipal staff in Ontario
  • $46.2 billion combined operational expenditures in 2018
  • $11.4 billion combined capital expenditures in 2018
AMO Quick Facts:
  • AMO was founded in 1899
  • 419 municipal members in AMO
  • 43 Board of Directors who set AMO policy agenda to reflect the priorities of Ontario’s municipal governments
  • Over 3,250 municipal elected officials and senior municipal staff connected with at AMO events in 2017
  • 30 years of experience AMO has in delivering programs, services, and events in Ontario